What should yo put in the "favorites" section of your profile? Just edit this page and add your thoughts.

Favorite BooksEdit

No, magazines do not count as books. That's why they are called magazines. "Maxim" or "Sports Illustrated" are not acceptable answers for the Favorite Book section.

Favorite QuotesEdit

Do not overload on the corny quotes.

Use the Comma CorrectlyEdit

Facebook uses the comma ("," -- next to the M key) to delinate between favorites. Not spaces or ellipses (a/k/a ". . ." or "dot dot dot"). The comma. Use it, and use it right:

  • Don't list off your interests by putting in spaces. Facebook will treat "sex drugs rock and roll" as one item, not three. Try "sex, drugs, rock and roll."
  • Get rid of "and" as a delinator. "Sex and drugs" will be treated as one item; try "sex, drugs".
  • Do not use commas as if you are speaking -- only use them to delinate. You look like a total moron when you put down "ice cream, yay!" in your Favorite Foods, because in your friends' news feed, it says "Friend added "yay!" to her favorite foods." And we all know, "yay!" isn't a food. Not even in that way.