How many photos should you post of yourself? Is there a point where you've posted too much? Too little? Edit this page and add your thoughts.

  • If you went away on vacation to some foreign country and took hundreds of pictures, it is acceptable to add two albums worth (120 total pictures of yourself). Otherwise, you shouldn't be putting up 50 pictures for something like "My trip to the aquarium"
  • Do not take a kajillion photos of yourself and post them on your profile. At least don't tag them. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR FACE THAT MUCH.
  • Do not tag yourself of more than about 200 pictures if they are only taken by 2 people. This falsely makes people believe you are popular and have friends, but really you only have 2 friends that can't stop taking photos.
  • Do NOT take the same poses or pictures of yourself and add them all to Facebook. There is absolutely no need to have photos tagged of yourself in 15 similar poses in the same place.
  • No matter how good looking you are, there is no need to fill more than one album with posed photos of yourself. There is even a group that goes along the lines of 'we know you're pretty, no need to post 239553 pictures of yourself!'
  • Having ONE bad picture of yourself on facebook is FINE. PEOPLE KNOW YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME.damn
  • Posting thousand's of photos of youself wont make people compliment you but think your just TOTALLY STUCK UP!!