Step One: Log on to your Facebook page and click the word "Applications" on the left column of your screen. You should already have several pre-inserted applications such as Photos, Groups, Events and Marketplace.

Step Two: Look at the applications you already have. There will be a list in front of you. You can choose to remove applications, but you can have as many applications as you want if you'd like to keep them all.

Step Three: Click "Browse more applications" in the right corner to see the full directory of applications.

Step Four: Browse through the "Recently Popular," "Most Users" and "Newest" tabs at the top of the list, or the various categories in the right column. This will help you find the applications you are looking for.

Step Five: Click on the application you'd like to add. A screen telling you what the application entails will appear. Click "Add Application" on the right side of the screen. The application will appear in your list in the left column.

  • Step Six: Your new application will appear when you log onto Facebook. You can also access it by clicking on the name in the left column.
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