Want to see the people you worked with in 2002? A social timeline on Facebook traces your interactions with friends over the course of your life. Using details added or confirmed by your friends, classmates and coworkers you can create a visual timeline of who you've dated, who introduced you to whom and just how long you've know each of your friends.

You can see your social timeline by clicking on the "Friends" tab, and then the "Social Timeline" tab.

Create a Social TimelineEdit

This feature has been removed from Facebook.

Step One: Head to the home page and log in to Facebook.

Step Two: Go to the "Friends" page using the convenient link. You may already see the beginning of a social timeline immediately after adding just a few friends. As friends add details about your relationships, the timeline will grow on its own.

Step Three: Add details to each of your friends by clicking the "Edit Details" or "How Do You Know" link near their names. If you or your friend hasn't added any details yet you will see the "How Do You Know" link. To create a social timeline, you must add the year to each of the relationship details.

Step Four: Select each of the ways you are connected to the person. Choices like "Lived Together" and "Worked Together" ask for both a start and finish date. The more specific you get with the dates, the more your social timeline will fill out.

Step Five: Click the "Request Confirmation" button when you are done making changes. Your friend will be asked to confirm the details.

Step Six: Remember to confirm details when they are added by your friends, new and old, so the information can be added to your timeline.