How Have You Changed the WorldEdit

Step One: Start by logging in to Facebook using the email address you registered with.

Step Two: Follow the "My Groups" link. You can browse through your current groups or look for new ones to join from this page.

Step Three: Click the "Create a Group"' button if you do not see any groups you want to join. You can create a group for just about anything (see the Facebook Terms of Service for limitations).

Step Four: Fill in the form. Only the group name, description and type are required, but you will want to at least set the privacy level to one you are comfortable with. When you are finished, click the "Create Group" link.

Step Five: Upload a photo that represents your group. The file size limit is 4MB.

Step Six: Choose your officers by clicking the "Officers" tab. Don't forget to make yourself an officer. You can create any position you want.

Step Seven: Edit the details of your group at any time on the "Group Info" tab. Keep the basic information up to date.

Promote Your GroupEdit

Step One: Click on "My Groups" when logged in to Facebook. Then click "Edit Group" to invite more members.

Step Two: Go to the "Members" tab. You can choose to invite your Facebook friends to join your group by simply marking the check boxes by their name. You can also invite non-Facebook friends to join your group by adding their email address.

Step Three: Import emails from your Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail or MSN address book to quickly invite several friends at once.

Step Four: Turn on your forums from the "Edit Group Profile" page. To gain more members, your group will need to offer something, so get the discussions started.