Import Your BlogEdit

Step One: Head to the "My Notes" page once you have logged in to Facebook from the home page.

Step Two: Click on "Import a Blog" in the Notes Setting box.

Step Three: Enter the URL or RSS feed of your blog in the form provided. Be sure to select the box confirming your ownership rights and click the "Start Importing" link.

Step Four: Confirm that Facebook found the correct blog and choose to "Continue" or "Cancel" depending on the results. You can't edit external blog posts from within Facebook.

Step Five: Keep blogging! Facebook will automatically add your new blog posts as notes on your profile.

Set the Privacy Level of Your BlogEdit

Step One: Log in to Facebook and go to the "My Privacy" page.

Step Two: Edit the settings for the "Friends, Notes, and Facebook Development Platform" section.

Step Three: In the Notes section, use the drop-down box to select the level of privacy you want your notes to have. The default setting is that everyone on Facebook can see your notes. Be sure to 'Save' your changes.

Step Four:Go to the "My Notes" page and "Edit Notes Privacy." Since you are importing your blog to Facebook, you will need to change the privacy levels of the notes if you don't want everyone to read them.

Step Five: Choose exactly who you want to comment on or subscribe to your blog. The default is that anyone who can see your blog can post comments. You may want to turn comments off entirely, so people head to the external blog to add their two cents.