Tag Your Friends on PhotosEdit

Step One: Log in to the Facebook home page. If you haven't registered yet, select "Register" to get started.

Step Two: Go to the "My Photos" page. You will notice that photos that have recently been tagged with your friends' name appear on this page.

Step Three: View a photo album by clicking on the album cover or the "View" link.

Step Four:Choose an image to tag by clicking on the photo's thumbnail. It will enlarge after you click on it.

Step Five: Select the "Tag This Photo" link. When you mouse over the photo, the cursor should become a crosshair.

Step Six: Click on the person you want to tag. You can type any name or tag for that area of the photo or choose one of your friends' names to add.

Step Seven:Visit your friends' profiles and tag the photos the same way.

Tag Your Friends in Your NotesEdit

Step One: Head to "My Notes" after you log in to Facebook. You should see any notes you have previously left, whether typed on Facebook or imported from your blog. You can tag both types of notes.

Step Two: Choose a note you have already written to add a tag to by clicking on the note's title. You will be taken to a page that only has that note and the ability to add comments.

Step Three: Type a friend's name into the "Tag People in This Note" section. You can only use confirmed Facebook friends as a tag.

Step Four: Use the same tag form when leaving a new note on your profile. You can always go back and add new tags as your friends join Facebook.