Story taken from here on May 16, 2007.

Guess Prince William isn't looking for a match made in cyberspace.

Reports that the second in line to the British throne has signed up for Facebook are false, an official said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the U.K. Telegraph reported that the prince had a Facebook page and 44 friends under the name William Wales.

"Facebook removes any content that is in violation of our terms of use, including fake profiles," a Facebook spokeswoman told "After investigating the profile for William Wales, we found that it was a fake profile and we removed it from the site. We encourage users to report any violations of our terms."

Tuesday's reports said the profile of the recently single son of Princess Diana was linked to university pals, among them a bevy of British beauties — including ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton.

Sporting sunglasses and a ski hat in his online profile photo, the prince allegedly made cyber-ties with a couple of polo buds as well as pal Edward Blunt, who was said to have posted a pic of the prince playing pool.

"Think that's more like it, although I didn't pot it," the Prince allegedly wrote, according to the paper.

"Right arm needs to be straightened," his friend was said to have responded. "You will never beat me till you work on your technique."

It sounded too good to be true ... and it was.

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