Suppose you want to change your relationship status to "in a relationship." Should you discuss with your bf/gf first or can you do it on your own? After how long of going out should you both update it? But be careful as your cute partner may get angry and kill you. Add your thoughts by editing this page.


Playfully claiming to be "In a Relationship" or "Married" to a friend, especially of the same sex in an attempt to be naughty or cute is heinous and should be punished by death.

If it's clear you are in a relationship, then there is no need to talk to your bf/gf beforehand, as long as he/she doesn't mind other people knowing the two of you are going out.

Be quick to change your relationship status. If you break up, it's best to change it to single sooner rather than later. You will look beyond desperate if you leave it to 'in a relationship' for weeks after you become single.

If you get a new bf/gf it's okay to say your married or engaged on facebook, as long as you clearly aren't!

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