What can you display as your profile picture? What shouldn't you display? Edit this page and add your thoughts.

  • Do Not Forget to Put up a Profile Picture. If you don't have a picture loaded, you will be considered ugly by default.
  • No shirtless photos.
  • Avoid putting up a profile picture that is of you and half a dozen other people. Sure, your friends will know which one is you, but you don't need to put up pictures of you in a crowd to prove you're popular. Which brings us to excessive friend counts, which we won't even touch right now...
  • Put up an attractive photo, but use a photo that actually looks like you
  • Avoid photos where you are doing the "typical" or common Facebook pose, such as holding up a peace sign with perched lips and eyes not even looking at the camera. It makes you look silly.
  • Don't put up pictures that aren't actually of you. I'm sure you're not that ugly. And it also stops people you know from finding you, especially if you have a common name.