What kind of photos shouldn't you post? What is acceptable? Edit this page and add your thoughts.

Shirtless Photos of yourselfEdit

What is the etiquette on posting shirtless photos of yourself?

Posting Photos of yourself drinkingEdit

Is it ok to post photos of yourself drinking?

  • There is no need to post photos of every single life event on the Internet. Family albums should generally remain private, especially if you have younger cousins and siblings. It is incredibly creepy to see so many photos of children out in the open like that, you never know who is looking at your Facebook.
  • Do not make a "brag book" of your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Do not post photos that could be misleading or make people believe something is happening that is not. For example, do not use a picture of your roommate changing and a man's side and hand in the corner because this may mislead other Facebook users to believe someone is masturbating.
  • Do not leave a million comments on your friends photo albums.
  • Please do not create photo albums specifically to 'tell a story about an adventure' of you and your only 2 friends going to the supermarket or Starbucks. Do not take immature photos of you dancing or acting goofy. Facebook represents you and your photos say everything about you.