You can change who's allowed to see your photos at anytime. There are four privacy settings that you can choose for each album:

1. Everyone: your friends and people on your networks can see photos in this album. Additionally, if you tag anyone in this album, the friends of the people you tag will be able to see the photos in which their friends are tagged regardless of which network they are on.

2. All my networks and all my friends: only the people on your networks and your friends will be allowed to see the photos in this album.

3. Some of my networks and all my friends: you can select which of your networks have permission to see the photos in this album. All of your friends will have permission to see the photos, regardless of their networks.

4. Only my friends: only your friends can see this album. These options are specific to each album, so different levels of privacy can be selected for different types of photos. They can be changed from the Privacy page under the "Photos" section or by selecting "Edit Album Info" while editing the photos.

You also have the option of turning off specific albums for users that see your Limited Profile. You can remove specific albums from your Limited Profile either by changing your Privacy settings for Photos or by clicking on Edit Limited Profile near the bottom of the Privacy page.